Tuesday, April 7, 2009

La fete de la Musique, A festival that is celebrating music all around the world!

Originally created in France by Maurice Fleuret (music and Dance Director) for the French minister of culture Jack Lang in 1981 this music festival is taking place since then every June 21st (summer solstice). The original concept of the Fete the la Musique is to promote all genres of music by getting them accessible to everyone. During this one night festival, free concerts are organized by amateurs and professionals musicians who performed in the streets. Since it’s beginning the fete de la musique has been spread all around the world From France to Venezuela or from New York to Tel Aviv. The fete de la musique is a popular event that is celebrating music all around the world by exploring every music's facets without barriers So now , what are you doing next June 21st? (It’s a Sunday you have no excuse ;-) )

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