Friday, February 27, 2009

The Boys are back in town. submit and surrender

We know you missed them, we know you've been wanting them around, you've been secretly dreaming of them and have tried to steal their shoes while they were sleeping last time they were here ( and if we find you by the way, beware )
so we took it upon ourselves to fly Cazals back to NYc, book them a couple of shows, DJ gigs and enable the love to happen once again. that's right. the love.

March 3rd - Pianos - 9pm
March 4th - Luca Cazals DJ set at Ella Lounge - Nicky Digital party - 10pm
March 6th - Studio at Webster Hall - 11pm

March 10th - Cinespace w/ Steve Aoki - 10pm

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Hole in My Soul: Sharon Jones Rocked the House/ Daptone Records Burglary

In case you missed her because you were prancin' and romancin', Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings rocked the m*f* house this last Valentines Day weekend. They played a mix of their last two records as well as amazing covers of Sam Cooke and Gladys Knight numbers - just to be sure you were shakin' a tailfeather!

A true force to be reckoned with Ms. Sharon Jones herself. She strutted on stage in a shimmery red dress and shiny silver heels -- that that she later kicked off to cut the carpet all over that stage. Sharon gave us an incredible performance lasting nearly two hours straight. Not bad for a woman soon to be 54!

Daptone Records had quite a carousel of a holiday weekend. After the great success of the SJDK gigs in Times Square, the disheartening news took place. Sunday night, the Bushwick studio was robbed.

Heres a message directly from Gabriel Roth, co-owner

"Friends and associates,

As you may have heard through the grapevine by now, Daptone was broken into last night. Unfortunately, there was a lot of equipment (mics, pre-amps, monitors, turntables, guitars, amps, computers, etc.) stolen and damaged. It is going to take us a while to go through everything and take full stock of what was stolen, and we are not supposed to touch anything until the cops come back to collect fingerprints so we can only guess what's missing from some mic drawers and cabinets.
And, no, we did not have insurance. We had been shopping around with different companies earlier this month but had not signed a check, so nothing was insured. We are working on replacing the gate in front, installing an alarm system, and getting insurance, but it is President's day so it's not going as quickly as we would have liked.
Nydia's computer was stolen (which wasn't backed up) and the modems/ phone system was ripped out, so we'll be relatively out of commission for a few days.

I would like to ask for everyone's help first in keeping an eye out for all of our stuff showing up on ebay/craigslist/local music shops, and secondly (and more realistically) keeping an eye out for good deals on headphones, mics, pre-amps, etc. I could really use a heads up on any kind of studio package for sale or studio equipment to be possibly bought or borrowed as soon as possible. We have a session scheduled for Friday to lay down some music for (I know this sounds
surreal) Rod Stewart, and I'm going to have to get the studio running by then. I know I'm going to need to find headphones, cables, mics, and pre-amps by then. I'm not sure what else yet.

Upon first glance we are definitely missing:
Fender Super Guitar Amp in case
Fender Deluxe Guitar Amp
A whole bunch of headphones and wires
Nydia's HP laptop computer
One Desktop MacIntosh Computer
One Purple Audio API style lunchbox with four Purple Audio Biz mic pre-amps
2 Yamaha NS10 monitors
Vintage Harmony Rocket Guitar
One steel string acoustic guitar
Martin Tenor sax in a gig bag
Technics 1200 turntable
Ion USB turntable
Teac Receiver/stereo amp
Sony dual deck CD burner/player
All of our modem/phone system stuff was ripped out and taken.
A whole bunch of condensor and dynamic microphones (I still need to figure out exactly what's missing) The power supply for my Trident console was tossed and the board was moved (probably not gently) so the status of that is still questionable.
A baldwin organ was tossed and is probably broken.
Lacie External hard drive
Over the next few days, as we sort out the rubble, we are going to figure out what else we lost.
We are putting in a roll down front gate, alarm system, and finally getting our insurance happening this week. We are also going to hire a security guard to watch the house for tonight as the cops and alarm guy seemed pretty confident that they will be back with a truck now that they've seen what's in here.
Thankfully, we all still have our health, ambition, tape machines, and sense of humor in tact. You can slow us down, but you can't stop us. Sleep well knowing we here at Daptone will continue to...
Keep putting Soul up,
Gabriel Roth
P.S. On a lighter note, it seems like the burglars did drop a few items in order to lift Alex's old safe out of here, which was VERY heavy, VERY unwieldy, and also VERY EMPTY!"

Why does all the bullshit happen to the best people!?

Keep your fingers crossed for them

Kathy T

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

NASA & many, many, friends

NASA's The Spirit Of Apollo hit stores today, and after several spins of our promo copy, I'm still listening just out of pure curiosity .

There is certainly plenty to be curious about with this new feature packed debut album from NASA (North America South America). But the question for me is, does the intrigue match the quality of music?

The NASA name has been pulsing through the NYC music/nightlife scene for a few months now, and despite a listening party at Le Poisson Rouge that, well, wasn't what it could have been (martian costumed bad dancers weren't exactly the type of guest appearances we've come to expect from NASA)... the name seems to be holding up to the hype.

Squeak E. Clean & DJ Zegon, the duo behind NASA's beats, have pulled together a VERY impressive list of guest features for their debut album. The songs are enjoyable and fun hip-hop tracks, that for the most part, have beats that stand up to the high caliber guest features. However, it seems the best is already at hand, as it is hard to fathom how their live performance could possibly be as exciting as the albums track list. It's highly unlikely that any of David Byrne, Chali 2na, Gift of Gab, Method Man, Kanye West, RZA, KRS-One, Fatlip, Tom Waits, Kool Keith, SantIgold, Lykke Li, Sizzla, George Clinton, M.I.A., Spank Rock, Del The Funkee Homosapien, The Cool Kids, Ghostface Killah, DJ AM, Chuck D, John Fruciante, Ol Dirty Bastard (RIP), DJ Qbert, DJ Babao, Ras Congo, Seu Jorge, E-40, DJ Swamp, Barbie Hatch, Karen O, Slim Kid Tre, Amanda Blank, Lovefoxx, Nick Zinner, Kool Kojak & Scarface, will will tour for The Spirit of Apollo.

Obviously there are many musical acts who feature special guests on their albums and perform the tracks live without those guest artists. Though, this album is unique because EVERY track except the 25 second "Four Rooms, Earth View" features someone else. And not just someone else, but 2 or 3 major artists. Strip all of those guest appearances away and what's left is a very talented DJ duo playing their own album. A cool concept indeed, but with potentially limited excitement (unless David Byrne walks out in an over sized suit and presses play on his boombox).

More than adhering to the traditional (and ever evolving) concept of an album, The Spirit of Apollo plays more like a necessary mix-tape compilation of hip-hop pioneers merged with important genre leading songwriters, that finally exists. The album result is more conceptually exciting than musically ground breaking, but will certainly put NASA on the map, and keep people listening and eager for more upcoming collaborative tracks.

WAY DOWN - One of my favorites, and a very nice break from the urban funk of the rest of the album. The cool, Madlib-esque beat makes me want more of this kind of feel from the album.

THE PEOPLE TREE - Extremely funky, Chali 2na and Gift of Gab make any track feel like you HAVE to listen to it. A treat to hear David Byrne's voice on the hook.

MONEY - "Chuck D, sorry that drink's not on me" great verse

STRANGE ENOUGH - fun Wu-Tangish synth sounds, great to hear "WU TANG, WU TANG" chant & ODB's voice.


Friday, February 13, 2009

It's all about Timing : Amelia

As seen on the Boudicca website :

Straight to classics, this video blew my mind a couple days back, everything except that little " matrix" shot that although amusing did not trully add to the whole. Also made me discover David Lang and his killer compositions. Enjoy.

The dancers are from Montreal dance company : La La La Human Steps,
The music is a Lou Reed cover with music by David Lang.




Nice button!!

If you know Nicky D then you know he always has camera in hand (especially at his own parties).

Streetlab doin the damn thing...

Check out some of his other snaps from wednesday's party at Ella...


Monday, February 9, 2009


Family, friends & foes -- this is an official announcement that you may come party your socks off with The Hours on Wednesday night!

Wednesday, February 11th, please join The Hours along with Nicky Digital for an evening of good tunes, dancing, drinks & laughter.

11pm - 4am @ Ella Lounge
(Ave A btwn 1st & 2nd streets) - New York City

If you haven't been to Ella,
then you don't know what you're missing.
So, stay up and get down!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Sustainable Scientist: Its Bigger Than Body Parts

Checks it: Not all gifted scientific minds are dedicated to turning baby dicks into baby arms (aka giant shlong's) or making breast implants less hazardous.
Below is a great mind (Vincent Gerkens) improving the environment while still maintaining our high standard of living (aka taking from everyone else). we are serious about sustainability at The Hours so here is a little tid bit from the green side.

The sun provides us with energy every day. How can we use it directly for indoor applications? Blight is an optimal indoor lighting solution that is able to replace current lamps without any need of electric supply. With Blight we have not produced a new object; we have just created the design of an everlasting product: the Venetian blind. We use all the current functions of this object and add a little technology to give it a new function - to catch solar energy and convert it into electricity.

This solar blind creates a link between indoor and outdoor, taking the daylight during the day and giving it back at night. The advantage of the Venetian blind is to have a large surface exposed to sunlight in a small, cumbersome object. With the revolving blades we can follow the course of the sun in order to catch a maximum of energy. Moreover we can adjust the position of the lamp to obtain various lighting effects. The produced energy can be used to supply a computer or other devices, by means of an inverter.

The object will combine two newly-discovered technologies: Flexible solar cells, and electroluminescent foil which requires little energy. Blight is durable and ecological because power cables are not needed and solar power is clean. This improved Venetian blind could be used in the household as well as in office applications.

description taken from:

Well gang what ya think? You can vote for this and other innovative eco-friendly products/designs at

Until then, stay away from blow and dirty sex this weekend.

Later Lovers

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fires of Rome, "Set in Stone" Music Video!

The 12th of January marked the day long extravaganza, appropriately (but not) compared to a Motley Crew set by Fires of Rome percussionist, Gunnar. During this lovely occasion only video director Matthew Lessner new what the fuck was going on and as we stood around chain smoking like a bunch of bumblefucks; this beautiful creation was taking place.

FYI -Matthew Lessner, whose previous work has been selected by Sundance, is responsible for this dope piece (and discovering Michael Cera).... Please show love and leave your thoughts in the comments... For Matthew, of course.

So Skanks, skeezers, smack heads, and scallywags; I bring you the Fires of Rome "Set in Stone" video:

Later Lovers

Monday, February 2, 2009

Cazals in Paris.... Get Your Trust Fund Buddies Together Gang!

So.... I am far from a trust fund kid (which is just fine with me) but I do know some and if I know them as well as I think I do than we can get 3 tickets to Paris to see the Cazals (we'll make up a story about orphans, investments, rehab money...something). Hey, why don't you do the same? Here is my no-fail plan for "Great Success" in tricking other people with money to get what you want (the feds and brokers have been doing it for years so don't feel bad).

1. Gather your closest trust fund friends and make a banging mac'n'cheese or top roman (hummus platter for the vegans) meal.

2. Get your Cazals tunes, pictures, bio's and remixes together and gush about Martin's talent, Luca's eyes, Warren's style, Daniel's flirty smile and or Phil's mysteriously-confident swagger over your meal. This way you are generating hype for dudes and competition for the ladies; both of which will fuel their eagerness to hit up ma and pop's for the cash money.

3. Create an "organization" that fosters and supports the "arts" or "those in need," or if you're dealing with heartless-blood suckers, ditch the humanitarian act and shoot for "investment of a life time." Hey, your not lying now.

4. Coordinate a "benefit dinner" for all the parents involved, separately, of course. You can do this by having your friends tell their parents you are going to assist them in their travels/efforts for the "organization" or "investment." It is likely they'll want to meet you and since trust fund moms can't cook (or rather not) they'll likely want to meet for dinner to go over the details (and probably foot the bill!).

5. Next you need to work it, work it, work it at dinner and charm the tits/berries off them.

6. Collect your cash, buy your ticket and head to Paris by February 4th to see Cazals in Paris at the Virgin Mega store on Avenue des Champs-Élysées. And enjoy.

Disregard all of this mess if you have have your own doe (or a trust fund yourself and have access to all the chedda).

later Lovers