Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fires of Rome, "Set in Stone" Music Video!

The 12th of January marked the day long extravaganza, appropriately (but not) compared to a Motley Crew set by Fires of Rome percussionist, Gunnar. During this lovely occasion only video director Matthew Lessner new what the fuck was going on and as we stood around chain smoking like a bunch of bumblefucks; this beautiful creation was taking place.

FYI -Matthew Lessner, whose previous work has been selected by Sundance, is responsible for this dope piece (and discovering Michael Cera).... Please show love and leave your thoughts in the comments... For Matthew, of course.

So Skanks, skeezers, smack heads, and scallywags; I bring you the Fires of Rome "Set in Stone" video:

Later Lovers

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