Monday, February 2, 2009

Cazals in Paris.... Get Your Trust Fund Buddies Together Gang!

So.... I am far from a trust fund kid (which is just fine with me) but I do know some and if I know them as well as I think I do than we can get 3 tickets to Paris to see the Cazals (we'll make up a story about orphans, investments, rehab money...something). Hey, why don't you do the same? Here is my no-fail plan for "Great Success" in tricking other people with money to get what you want (the feds and brokers have been doing it for years so don't feel bad).

1. Gather your closest trust fund friends and make a banging mac'n'cheese or top roman (hummus platter for the vegans) meal.

2. Get your Cazals tunes, pictures, bio's and remixes together and gush about Martin's talent, Luca's eyes, Warren's style, Daniel's flirty smile and or Phil's mysteriously-confident swagger over your meal. This way you are generating hype for dudes and competition for the ladies; both of which will fuel their eagerness to hit up ma and pop's for the cash money.

3. Create an "organization" that fosters and supports the "arts" or "those in need," or if you're dealing with heartless-blood suckers, ditch the humanitarian act and shoot for "investment of a life time." Hey, your not lying now.

4. Coordinate a "benefit dinner" for all the parents involved, separately, of course. You can do this by having your friends tell their parents you are going to assist them in their travels/efforts for the "organization" or "investment." It is likely they'll want to meet you and since trust fund moms can't cook (or rather not) they'll likely want to meet for dinner to go over the details (and probably foot the bill!).

5. Next you need to work it, work it, work it at dinner and charm the tits/berries off them.

6. Collect your cash, buy your ticket and head to Paris by February 4th to see Cazals in Paris at the Virgin Mega store on Avenue des Champs-Élysées. And enjoy.

Disregard all of this mess if you have have your own doe (or a trust fund yourself and have access to all the chedda).

later Lovers

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