Monday, December 22, 2008

Everybody Can Dada!

Hey, Can We Have Our Breakfast Back?...NOT

Dada Life's Album is here! Kind of (March 9th)...

Dada Life, the sweetest Swedish duo has A: finished their album and B: Are ready fuck you up until 3 o'clock in afternoon and we couldn't be happier.

I think it's time to get historical in this mutha and discuss the meaning of Dada. Dada is like hippie in Swedish. A subculture, resisting the systematic shock and terrors of greed, war (WW I, to be exact) and betrayal. The lifestyle developed art that mimicked the shock associated with the tense environment and helped victims escape their tragic reality. Now, I did get this information off Wikipedia which is full of lie's and deceit, so take what you will...

Any how, stay tuned for Dada Life's plates to be dropped on your ass.

...For those (like me) who are hesitant to buy into "holiday cheer" with loved ones, which usually turns out to be loved ones questioning your artist lifestyle, random partners, drunk escapades which have been viewable on Last Nights Party and your career as a "DJ" in a pretentious manner (fucken blokes); than come on down to Last Chance Bar in Williamsburg (Grand st. between Leonard and Manhatten). Yes, at Last Chance Bar you can chug dollar (yes, $1) beers and soak in the atmosphere of other lonley fucks who have neglected their families too. I promise, your life wont seem as miserable when your looking at other miserable or drunkenly happy individuals. See you there!

Later Lovers <3

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Even On the East We Get Love From the West: Kanye

Its pretty exciting late after-noon/early evening NEWs around these parts. Mr. Kanye West gave Cazals some love on his blog. After changing my pants and undergarments, I decided to write about it.

Thing is, (as cool as we are, Kanye is 43278573 times cooler) a pretty big fuckin deal. We love Cazals with all our detached-New-York-esc-infested hearts and our joy was more of a reflection of our excitement for them. But I do hope this propels me as a contestant to be Kanye's baby mama. There is, however, one more person to thank in all this plethora of glitter, neon lights and smiles: Andre.

"MR. ANDRE" brings his trademark daddy-long legged pink stick man to life in UK dance rockers CAZALS video for "Somebody, Somewhere" on Mr. West's blog post.

Merci Monsieur A and Sticky-mac-stickerson!!!

It also seems appropriate to put up the video featuring French actress & model Lou Doillon.

Later Lovers

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cazals Digital Release! iTunes

Aside from having the wrong cover art (what, the F*n Jackals?), the digital release of "Somebody, Somewhere" is here!

Release features singles by: Lifelike, Bloody Beetroots, Moulinex and Success.

Take a listen and buy it on iTunes, yeah?!

Here are some iTunes reviews:

Sooo Good! ****
By Floralita
"This band is sooo good, listen! I love Poor Innocent Boys..."

Neo-Indie Punk ****

By [[_ad..
"If you like punk with a british edge...this will be your cup of tea...or whiskey. Upbeat, fluid and sometimes a bit grunge. I hope they come out with more songs soon! My ex-valentine is beautiful."

See the article copied below from - about the digital release and video:

Cazals Release Single Somebody, Somewhere video

December 16th, 2008 |
Published in Press Releases, Videos

Cazals Release Single “Somebody, Somewhere”
Available Digitally on December 16th

‘An amazing album of future-guitar-dance-pop’ NME

‘One of the most exciting British bands around’ Big Issue

‘Visionary music mastery’ Clash Magazine

‘Arguably one of the most exciting bands in Britain at the almost perfect album’ Gigwise

‘Same energy as Bloc Party with the garage grit of The Rakes’ Virgin Music

Somebody Somewhere (album version)
Success (B-side)
Somebody, Somewhere Lifelike remix
Somebody, Somewhere bloody beetroots remix
Somebody, Somewhere moulinex remix..


The Cazals employ two legendary French icons in this clip. One of them is Monsieur A., a celebrated French graffiti artist, who produced the clip. It also utilizes one of his artistic creations, a pink stick figure character with long, string-bean legs and an X for an eye. Another one is Lou Doillon, a model and actress lauded for her unusual looks, and her musical lineage. Her mother, legendary singer and actress Jane Birkin, contributed faked female orgasmic sounds to a French top 10 hit back in the 60s with “Je t’aime, moi non plus”, which was in turn accompanied with massive public outburst and the song being banned in 10 countries! We would also be remiss to mention that her step-father is the legendary Serge Gainsbourg. Doillon and the stick figure dance along city streets, twirling and stomping their feet all over the place.

Live version of Somebody Somewhere available free here

London based Indie Quintet Cazals have built their reputation from the ground up, playing a series of incendiary live shows where NME described them as, ‘Amazing! Streets ahead of their peers’, and The Big Issue simply described Cazals as; ‘One of the most exciting British bands.’

Discovered on myspace by Kitsune Records and championed by former Daft Punk manager Gildas Loaec, things soon began to pick up for these Shoreditch lads when the label, famous for catapulting the careers of both Klaxons and The Whip released their first single “Poor Innocent Boys” back in late 2007. Shortly thereafter, the band were contacted by Parisian born taste-maker, Beatrice Inn co-owner and internationally known night-life entrepreneur, Andre Saraiva (who also goes by the name Mister A, or Monsieur A), a well known graffiti artist, musician and clothing designer. Andre immediately swept them away into a Paris recording studio throughout 2008 where he began to co-produce their debut album (Julien Delfaud, the man who engineered Phoenix’s debut album then mixed it) “What Of Our Future” (out Feb 24th).

With tracks such as their Kitsune debut ‘Poor Innocent Boys’, the soon to be released ‘Life if Boring” as well as the current hit single ‘Somebody, Somewhere’, it’s clear this album is jam packed with indie rock anthems for many-a-teen-angst-ridden music lovers across the globe. But don’t be fooled, for Cazals are anything but innocent and life has been far from boring since their humble beginnings when sharing the bill with friends such as Pete Docherty and good friends and fellow Brits Bloc Party back in the day on the East London circuit.

Shortly after signing their record deal, they were invited on the road to support none other than Daft Punk and have now gone on to sign an exclusive deal with the prestigious record and licensing label The Hours here in the US, who are set to release their debut album on February 24th 2009 and announce a slew of national tour dates through out the Spring of 2009.

Somebody, Somewhere is available digitally from December 16th.

What Of Our Future (The Hours/Fontana)
Cazals debut album: Out Feb 24th

Later Lovers

Monday, December 15, 2008

You Can Blonde Acid Cult Me Any Day

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Around The Hours office we like to talk about our new favorite things (designers, crushes, venues, beer); perhaps to the point it gets a bit narcissistic and overwhelming. But its OK because then you find out about it and that makes it sharing the wealth. Anyway, Hardly do 3 of us agree on something but that has all changed thanks to Blonde Acid Cult.

Okay, 1 or 2 of us may disagree (and yo know who you are) but the remaining 7 of us are buzzing about these guys. For your pleasure we give you Blonde Acid Cult Shake it Loose on our first ever podcast. We can't help but share this love. Checks it, uno numero amigos.

As if that wasn't enough we have these foxy New York expats video too!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Time for Festivities! The Hours Festival

Dan Black at Le'Regine in Paris

The Hours will host The Hours Festival in Paris! See dates and venues below:

March 2009

03/24 -Cazals and Elbow at Le Cigale

03/26 -Dan Black, Fires of Rome, The Shoe's at Le Bataclan

03/27 -Etienne d Crecy, Don Rimini, Dada Life, Autokratz at Le Bataclan

03/28 -Rythm and Sound and Xaver Naudascher

Believe you me, this is going to be an event to blow some savings on. There will be something for everyone; brit-rock, electro-pop, rock and roll, metal.... You only live once
Dan Black at Le'Regine in Paris

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

So Many Thoughts

Being a Portland, Oregon native might have something to do with my giddiness, for this weekend has me fancy extra tickled pink. Starting Friday, avant-garde noise rock and DIY attitude will merge for the NY Ear and Eye Festival. Giant abandoned warehouse-flat to boot! We can thank Todd Brooks (also known as Todd Pendu) from the Pendu Organization in Brooklyn, NY after the weekend; when our socks are missing and minds have been blown.
Poster by Tingle Fingers (

Brooklyn Pendu Organization is some pretty cool stuff; they reflect an idea of sustainability that The Hours can dig on. Their slogan “An arts organization with a focus on occultism, adhocism, & eroticism” captures an ideology of disregarding the mainstream path as the only path to follow. Here is a place that represents a group of artist that may not find freedom in the more corporate side of America. Most importantly we get some fresh art, because their full potential is being fostered and supported until it grows and wafts to some of us caught up in the other world. That is what I anticipate at the NY Ear and Eye Festival will be about, introducing people to some freshness that doesn't quite exist in our sterile world. Yea, we like it.
For more info on this magical event you can check out the myspace page at, they have radio interviews that for auditory learners and band listings.

Paris (sigh). If I had only realized what kind of dark and delicious trouble I was getting myself into

Underneath the hundred mirrors, red velvet, disco balls and dance floors, I found myself too drunk to realize how dope of a party I was at. Sweat, smoke, accents and traces of blow illustrated a underground Paris scene the most would be lucky to dream about (if, indeed, dirty Parisian club going is your thing). Beatrice owner and renowned graffiti artist André showed love, Marion Cotillard, Daft Punk and others inflated the evening from live and fun, to exclusive and magical. .... Its like Last Nights Party but French
New York had been good to us so far. And beyond the anxiety of economic turmoil, descending employment market and political melee we've found a comfort somewhere in the middle. A strikingly similar story to my recent autobiographical chapter; being green to New York but for the most part, loving whatever it dishes out.

How appropriate to have worked for a record label that is experiencing the same habitual-urban preadolescence challenges as me. So I figured why not merge to the two? Why not blog about developments at The Hours if they can relate to my own triumphs, tragedies and blackouts?

Sure, I'm no socialite, daughter-of-somebody starting my “art” career nor is The Hours DFA, Sub Pop, or Def Jam. We are, however, both pretty fucken rockin in our own, humble beginnings, slightly crazy - will be noticed-way: which is a pretty rad start. So watch both of us move up or crash in the city that never sleeps and have some fun while doing it. As this label, blog, and life expands into New Yorks numerous scenes you'll be right with us. I may not be dancing with Andrew W.K or meandering about with Michael T or any other paradoxical partier for my starry eyed, fame thirsty generation -but that is not to say I wont.