Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Even On the East We Get Love From the West: Kanye

Its pretty exciting late after-noon/early evening NEWs around these parts. Mr. Kanye West gave Cazals some love on his blog. After changing my pants and undergarments, I decided to write about it.

Thing is, (as cool as we are, Kanye is 43278573 times cooler) a pretty big fuckin deal. We love Cazals with all our detached-New-York-esc-infested hearts and our joy was more of a reflection of our excitement for them. But I do hope this propels me as a contestant to be Kanye's baby mama. There is, however, one more person to thank in all this plethora of glitter, neon lights and smiles: Andre.

"MR. ANDRE" brings his trademark daddy-long legged pink stick man to life in UK dance rockers CAZALS video for "Somebody, Somewhere" on Mr. West's blog post.

Merci Monsieur A and Sticky-mac-stickerson!!!

It also seems appropriate to put up the video featuring French actress & model Lou Doillon.

Later Lovers

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    I called it a year ago!