Monday, December 22, 2008

Everybody Can Dada!

Hey, Can We Have Our Breakfast Back?...NOT

Dada Life's Album is here! Kind of (March 9th)...

Dada Life, the sweetest Swedish duo has A: finished their album and B: Are ready fuck you up until 3 o'clock in afternoon and we couldn't be happier.

I think it's time to get historical in this mutha and discuss the meaning of Dada. Dada is like hippie in Swedish. A subculture, resisting the systematic shock and terrors of greed, war (WW I, to be exact) and betrayal. The lifestyle developed art that mimicked the shock associated with the tense environment and helped victims escape their tragic reality. Now, I did get this information off Wikipedia which is full of lie's and deceit, so take what you will...

Any how, stay tuned for Dada Life's plates to be dropped on your ass.

...For those (like me) who are hesitant to buy into "holiday cheer" with loved ones, which usually turns out to be loved ones questioning your artist lifestyle, random partners, drunk escapades which have been viewable on Last Nights Party and your career as a "DJ" in a pretentious manner (fucken blokes); than come on down to Last Chance Bar in Williamsburg (Grand st. between Leonard and Manhatten). Yes, at Last Chance Bar you can chug dollar (yes, $1) beers and soak in the atmosphere of other lonley fucks who have neglected their families too. I promise, your life wont seem as miserable when your looking at other miserable or drunkenly happy individuals. See you there!

Later Lovers <3

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