Friday, November 28, 2008

Paris to New York; We Hold it Down.

From New York City to Paris, France we party until six in the morning. The Hours Paris showcase on November 20th was a spectacular time. Reunions with our Parisian brothers and sisters from Kitsune, to Andre and others made it a particularly intimate evening. Starting off the night was Fires of Rome, who gave the Parisians a good gritty dose of R&R. Following was the lovely Brits, Cazals. Once again, Cazals sounded tight; loosening up the crowd with their riffs and snare banging.

After the live sets, we decided to get a bit more Euro and expose the digital tricks up our sleeve; Dan Black and Dada Life. Here, we witnessed rugs being torn up by the cutting of our Paris fans. Dada Life is a electric duo, pumping hard beats for all legs to feel.

Speaking of Dada Life, their anticipated album (from Hours point of view) is near finished. Get ready to have your breakfast all jacked up.

Now what? We have loads of work ahead of us, for example, Fires of Rome have a new image for their debut album You Kingdom You (see below). Also, we will be throwing another party here in NYC soon! So much to do, so little calendar space. For now, you all stay and and get down.

Dada Life set

Ciao Lovers

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