Monday, November 17, 2008

We Likes to Party

Our Showcase event was a blast! I think it is safe to say we will be throwing loads more parties and concert events; especially when people are down and anxious due to the economic/social environment. The best way to cure those blues is music and cutting rugs.

DJ Angola spun a great set, the Europeans went wild; pumping their fist and dancing like it's London in 1999. Fires of Rome had a decent set, they are a good band but new, so performance perfection is a matter of doing more shows and adjusting accordingly. Many would agree, Cazals had a dynamite performance. They were tight, loud in all the right places and Warren the drummer was banging like he just got out of prison. We'll be putting up live video soon, for now check the pictures! Talented photographer Faith Ann-Young was there with her artistic eye to show love and take pictures, these photographs are credited to her. Thanks Faith!

Here are some blog responses from the enchanting evening:

Next up is Paris! Where the The:Hours is more situated in the music, party and too-cool scene. You will be educated on the event, just stay tuned.

In addition to the showcase, we also had a pretty smashing time with Cazals. Drinking, interviews and photo shoots (we managed to get in on that action!) were the norm. In the nocturnal hours, we scampered about the city listening to Cazals guitarist, Luca Ciampi, DJ at Annex, Le Poison Rouge and Beatrice. Annex being the most receptive of his Italian disco, Euro-house, digital taste.

In any respect, we would love to see you at our next party; we're not so much snooty about who joins, just as long as your not a belligerent asshole. Until next time all; stay up and get down.

Ciao Lovers

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