Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Getting Sticky With Nicky

Today we met for lunch with the young, quirky and talented artist/entrepreneur/scenester/art director/consultant/dedicated New Yorker/Mr. Positive/nightlife fox/mustache guy; Nicky Rhodes aka {Nicky Digital}.

Boy what a lunch it was. It's not easy finding a community in the big bad Gotham city; especially when your just wee budding record label. Well, Nicky let us eat his brain for lunch and it had the delicious taste of knowledge with hint of humble pie. No one from The Hours is from New York, were all a bunch of expats feeding off the last of the American Dream. Nicky, however, is a true blue New Yorker and his input, insight and stache equal solid fucken gold in our eyes.

OK, enough with the tangent. Point is, The Hours and Nicky Digital are talking about teaming up to bring you even more awesomeness! If you want to be really cool, start supporting Nicky's Wednesday parties at Ella (9 Avenue A); soon, The Hours will be joining and we can wiggle our boot-tays together. Don't feel out of place by the high end decor, hoity-toity ambiance or Chanel posters we're there to get sticky with Nicky. Give it shot; what else would be doing on a Wednesday night? Purchasing a ridiculous sweater for some ridiculous small dog. BORING! See you there suckers.

Later Lovers

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