Wednesday, January 21, 2009

On The Set of Set In Stone, Miike Snow, Gunnar Olsen and More

Part of my lovely job is working a weekend here and there (in the hood and freezing cold weather, with no booze... cry for me Brooklyn), last weekend The Hours crew shuffled over to Bushwick to shoot the Set in Stone video. Director Matthew Lessner's vision was one I could hardly understand (or anyone at the shoot for that matter) but that is the beauty of a creative mind.

Let's just say there were afghan hounds, Fires of Rome, an old-Ed-Sullivan-vision-esque camera, and one stunning Swed (Adina Fohlin) . Collectively, they will contribute to a beautifully simple and minimal piece of art. It is a very strong aesthetic statement. There were only close to 11 shots but, you see, this camera was extra special; for every second filmed, there will be 40 seconds of footage. Very slow motion and eerie, the video will premier the first two weeks of February. I can hardly wait.

The members of Fires of Rome are a creative crew of grown men with ADHD; each of them have several side projects to help burn off all the extra energy (like a kid who's parents enroll them in 7 different sporting activities so they actually go to sleep at night). We asked Andrew and Gunnar to brief us on the hap's of their other artistic endeavors.

Fires of Rome frontman and multi-instrumentalist, Andrew just returned from Thailand where he embarked on a creative retreat focusing on other projects and reconnecting with the simplicity of life (which, we often forget in New York). Another group affiliated with Andrew has collaborated with Treasure Fingers, Crookers and DJ Mehdi on a mysterious musical venture . Gunnar (drums) has been exercising his own experimental powers with a project simply named; Gunnar ( Gunnar's world of remixes has us currently stoked on a Kanye remix that should be in our hands soon.

Behind the scenes there was chit chat with the band, cigarette smoking and a bit of standing around (oh, and a set interruption due to a journalists' flash while taking pictures)... All and all it was a beautiful vision, day, and time well spent. Stay tuned, we will have more info on Fires of Rome, the Set In Stone video and more.

Later Lovers

The band and staff just living the dream.

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