Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mixed Bag: Fires of Rome, Green Owl Records and Gettin Happy

I feel a bit bi-polar today; what with the shitty economy, terrible weather , and awesome music.
So this post may reflect my unstable emotions/feelings/wishing I was a man/my need for toilet paper for 7 days now.....

....Anyway, in the midst of all this "danger, danger, terrorist, different people, hating freedom and jobless stock broker bull shit," one thing prevails: Solid tunes.

Yes, our good friend music has leaped in with a solid gold cape and saved the horrible and melancholy day (more like 3 months). If you too find yourself in a funk here are my suggestions for a more positive (or delusional) state:

A. Cop yourself the Green Owl Comp: A Benefit For Energy Action. Who else is better suited to cheer you up than Bloc Party, Violens, School of Seven Bells, Deerhoof, Of Montreal and The Appletrees?
You can get an extra dose of happiness because ALL the proceeds go to the Energy Action Coalition! Now, doesn't helping heal?

B. Next, indulge in some mother earth of your choice (yes, freedom does still exists here at The Hours).

C. Know that Fires of Rome are in the top 30 of the CMJ charts right now! Well, that makes us happy.... But if you buy You Kingdom You, you'll feel just as excited as us.

D. Do something to save this beastly hell hole! Start a compost pile, shop at your local deli or bodega instead of a chain supermarket(sure it may be a few bucks more, but that is a few bucks that will circulate throughout your community and help it maintain itself), bring a few dishes to work and re-use them as opposed to using paper products every time you eat, drink or shit, oh... Wow, I should take care of my issue ans get some damn TP. Doing these things will give you an extra appreciation of the planet and make you feel like the hero you know you can become.

Lastly, know this is just a wave, you must ride it until it mellows out again. When it does mellow out, don't go buy some ridiculous flat screen, gigantic purse or get back into blow; fucken learn children and save cash money, so when the wave hits again your not a bunch of sobbing pussy's.

Later Lovers

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