Tuesday, January 6, 2009

SPIN Loves Us, You Should Too.

Hey Gang, HapPy NeW Year and all that B.S. We were too busy to blog because we just (as in three minutes ago) caught our breath over this holiday cheer! Checks it.

The January 09' issue of SPIN magazine featured our dear lads, Cazals, in their "Songs You Must Hear Now!" section. In addition, we have cracked a major religious/folkloric myth and proved that Santa does NOT exist. We've been the naughtiest bunch of assholes on this side of town; what with the assaulting, running from the po-po and beating up babies. OK, maybe Santa does exsist and is a drunk, who passes out by noon disabling himself from monitoring our actions. Who knows? Either way, we don't care.

Next week marks the dropping of Fires of Rome's debut album You Kingdom You, so stay up and get down!

later Lovers

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