Tuesday, January 13, 2009


YOU KINGDOM YOU is now available for purchase through all major retail outlets.

We know not everyone makes the big bucks (we know all too well). We also know that music sharing started because kids don't have $ for every album that rocks that special place in their heart. The albums first single "Set in Stone" has been making its rounds on the net for months, and has just recently (today) reached elite status of being amongst the top 5 most added to college radio stations around the country. Since you have probably only heard "Set in Stone" up until this point, some of the staff here at The Hours have suggested their favorite cuts off You Kingdom You. So, go on, minimize your pirating software, and buy a fuckin track (actually, buy the whole album, and throw a review up there while your at it) you no longer have to worry that your unable to shit hundred dollar bills; we got your back.

Fabien, Ben, Katherine
Dawn Lament
If you like: heavy organ

Opens with a beautiful organ, setting off a slow and eerie beginning as Wyatt delicately pours his heart out. After about a minute the guitar and Gunnar's drumming intrudes the melancholy tone and Wyatts voice goes into a splendid falsetto climatic explosion. It makes you want to go emo and cut yourself as you look into the eyes of your biggest crush...while floating....on a cloud..in Rock n Roll hell. Smashing.

Gautier, Ashley
But Your Such A Cherry
If you like: Maroon 5, Led Zepplin

This is one of the danceable, pop-rock tracks (never mind that it's about cradle robbing). Wyatt's immediate introduction "you're too young and the young need to be schooled" mixes nicely with the instrumental pop-rock orgy supporting him. In the chorus he goes into his unique falsetto again giving chills down me spine...arrrg. The guitar demands attention like a Zepplin track, and Wyatt has a spoken-word Robert Plant-esque moment. One of the best components of this track is the lyrics; sweet, honest and still a bit dirty.

It Makes Me Weak
If you like: Kasabian, Bush

Nice heavy bass and drum intro, like if you could put a sound to hot women soldiers marching. 30 seconds in you have the grimy-yet-angelic voice of Wyatt "sometimes I break up from myself" where he displays a virtuoso that only he can (you buy, you understand). Supporting the sing-songy sound of Wyatt, Matt, Gunnar and Oscar fade in with meaning: drums banging steadily, bass strumming and guitar snarling. Great track, nice use of layering with, again the organ and some synth.

We wouldn't lie to you (about this anyway), you need to cop "You Kingdom You." Your friends will think your the coolest and you'll probably get laid (turn up the heat, put on track 1 Dawn Lament and wait for the magic to happen).

Later Lovers

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  1. Hmmm. The Hours staff choices suck. I think Bronx Bombardier is the best track, for sure! But I guess I am just a big time music exec.